SL NoNames
01Under United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Bangladesh.                                         16 National Execution Projects (NEX) in Bangladesh (Joint Audit)
02Under United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Bangladesh.                                           12 Sustainable environmental managements Projects (SEM) in Bangladesh (Joint Audit)
03Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Dhaka WASA)
04Dhaka Electricity Supply Company Limited (DESCO)
05Ananta Group of Companies
07Master Simex Paper Limited
08Akbar Group
09Akbar Cotton Mills Limited
10Akbar Textile Mills Limited
11Akbar Composite  Limited
12Ananta Group of Companies
13Ananta apparels ltd.
14Ananta casual wears ltd.
15Ananta denim tech ltd.
16Q Pail Limited
17North South Society
18Eastern Housing Ltd.
19ENA Properties Limited
20Navana Pipe Line Limited
21Navana Real Estate ltd.
22Medrex Life Science Limited
23Trade Vision Limited
24Hamida Traders Limited
25ASN Trading Limited
26Jamaluddin Textiles Limited
27Zanin Textiles Limited
28Cosmos Holiday
29Consumer Knitex Limited
31Dignity Textile Mills Limited (DTML)
32k.m. dastur & company limited
33Kulsuma Plastic Ltd.
34Premium Trade Corporation Ltd.
35N. Mohammad WPC Door
36N. Mohammad Plastic Co. Ltd.
37Digital Accessories Ltd.
38Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB)
39Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation (BHBFC)