Bangladesh Power Development Board

As Financial Management Specialist for

Identification, Verification Valuation and

Recording of assets and store as on 30.06.2000


United Nations Development Program (UNDP)                                    

Worked as Financial Management Specialist in

SL NoNamesYears
01National Execution Projects (NEX) in Bangladesh (16 Projects)2000
02Sustainable Environmental Management Projects in Bangladesh (12 Projects)2001


Company  formation:

SL No Names                                
1.SJM Industries Limited – India
2.Mill tech Solution Limited – United Kingdom
3.Arzami E-Commerce Limited
4.Jol Rong Media Limited

Company Affairs: 

SL NoNamesYears
01Aftab Automobiles Ltd. (Public Ltd. Co.) Secretarial AffairsSince 1986
02Eastern Housing Ltd. (Public Ltd. Co.) Secretarial Affairs1992-93 to 1994-95
03Navana Group of Companies Secretarial AffairsSince 1986
04National Oxygen Ltd. (Public Ltd. Co.)1990 to 1998
05Confidence Cement Ltd. (Public Ltd. Co.)1995 to 2007


Feasibility Report:

01Navana CNG Ltd.- Lpg Project
02Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd  – EV Project
03Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd – 20 MW Solar Power Project
04Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd – ESCO Project
05Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd – Roof top Project
06Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd – Mini grid Project
07Rahimafrooz renewable energy  Ltd – Solar Pump Project
08BEL Construction SDN BHD Ltd.
09M / S Haque Enterprise
10M / S Lisa Fatema Haque
11M / S Mamtazul Haque
12Keraniganj PowerPlant
13R & R Aviation Limited
14R & R Holding
15The River
16J & M Builders (Pvt.) Ltd


Enterprise Valuation:

01EVP Thakurgaon Limited


Tax Matters:

SL NoNamesYears
1Bangladesh Shipping CorporationSince   1993
2Bakrabad Gas System Ltd.2000 to 2003
3Eastern Bank Limited1997 to 2005
4Advanced Development Technologies Ltd.Since   1995
5Sungjee Construction Co. Ltd. (Korea)1993 to 2003
6Confidence Cement Ltd. (A Public Ltd. Co)Since   1990
7Aftab Automobiles Ltd. (A Public Ltd. Co.)Since   1995
8Navana LimitedSince   1995
9Navana Construction LimitedSince   1997
10Navana Real Estate LimitedSince   1997
11Biponon LimitedSince   1997
12Central Insurance Co. Ltd.                   `1995 to 2000
13KDS Garments Industries Ltd.1997 to 2002
14Steel Industries Ltd.1996 to 2000
15Poly Industries Ltd.1995 to 2001
16KDS Packing Industries Ltd.1994 to 2001
17T.T.S. Aluminum & Fabrications Ltd.1995 to 2002
18Super Steel Ltd.1993 to 1996
19Crown Apparels Ltd.1994 to 1998
20East Asia Fashions Ltd.1993 to 1996
21K.Y. Steel Mills Ltd.1994 to 1997
22MAS Enterprise Ltd.1997 to 2000
23BDC/NCE/PEB Joint Venture1997 to 2005
24BDC/BDCC/HAM Consortium1997 to 2005
25Kamal Vegetable Ltd.1995 to 2004
26Nishan Steel Mills Ltd.1996 to 2000
27Faruque Limited1995 to 2000
28Monika Cinema Private Limited1992 to 1995
29Navana Interlinks Ltd.Since               2000
30Rony FashionSince               2000
31Navana – HCL Joint Venture2000 to 2001
32Tamanna Fabrics Ltd.Since               1996
33Eastern Printing Press Ltd.Since               1998
34Navana Computers and Technology Ltd.Since               1998
35National Warehouse Ltd.1997 to 2004
36Denom Poultry Complex (Pvt.) Ltd.2000 to 2003
37Essential Industries Ltd.Since               1998
38Asia Insurance Co. Ltd.2000 to 2004
39Navana Taxi Cab Co. Ltd.Since               2001
40Confidence Shipping Lines Ltd.1998 to 2002
41Mariners Shipping Lines Ltd.1998 to 2001
42Navana Electronics Ltd.Since               2000
43Advanced Technologies and Ideas Ltd.Since               2000
44Northern Hatcheries Ltd.Since               2001
45Bangladesh Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd.Since               2001
46Port City Maternity Ltd.Since               1988-1989
47Confidence Power Ltd.Since               2000-2001
48Confidence Transport Ltd.Since               2001-2002
49B.K. Capital Management Ltd.Since               2000-2001
50B.K. Development Ltd.Since               1997-1998
51Energy Systems Engineering Ltd.Since               2000-2001
52Inter Care Ltd.Since               1995-1996
53Karnaphuli Engineering Ltd.Since               1999-2000
54Alltex Industries Ltd.2001 to 2003
55Construction & Services Ltd.2001 to 2004
56Hometex Garments Ltd.2001 to 2003
57Altex Febriics ltd.2001 to 2003
58Altex Dyeing Finishing & Printing Mills Ltd.2001 to 2003
59Bangladesh Chemical Complex ((Pvt.) Ltd.2001 to 2003
60Bastu Shilpi Limited2001 to 2003
61Megatex Limited2001 to 2003
62Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. (DESCO)Since               2000
63Premier Leasing International Ltd.2001 to 2011
64NRB Global BankSince               2013
65Pathar LimitedSince               2013
66Gemcon City LimitedSince               2015
67Team Global Limited2016
68Nazdaq Technologies Inc. Limited2016
69Nothern Argosince Limited2015
70Butterfly Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Since   2012 – 2013